Don’t worry if maintaining your lawn, plants and trees are difficult.

We’ve never seen anyone keeping the lawn clean all the time.

Did you know? To keep your lawn clean, you need to mow at least three times a month and at most eight times a month. Many people think it’s easier to take care of real grass because it’s cheaper than the artificial. The truth is, keeping natural grass clean and healthy is not that simple. When we recommend installing synthetic turf, we lay it on concrete to prevent weed from growing underneath, but we keep it easy for rebuilding following your lifestyle shift. The family found this garden (photos on the left) very difficult to maintain and even found white ants. After renovating it, a family member told us “I’m not stressed out anymore because this garden gives our children enough space to play, and is maintenance-free.

"Not off-the-shelf. That’s why it’s affordable.

The wooden deck customized in size by a family member."

The married couple said, "speaking of a traditional Japanese garden, we enjoy that in our neighborhood gardens." They were looking for a gardening company that creates a unique Japanese garden with a modern twist. What his wife loves about this garden are the floor tiles and the wooden deck. The wooden deck is customized in size. In the past, she gave up on it because customizing the size was very expensive. We talked many times to understand her directions, and we appreciate her trusting the suggestions we made during our meetings. We were able to reduce the recurring cost together.

"This courtyard added more value to the apartment.

Residents now enjoy their relaxing moment in a safer environment.

"We renovated a courtyard in a 40-year-old apartment building.
We incorporated some plants and trees that were there, and also the stone flower bed to the new design to minimize the cost.
When we created this garden, we were thinking about the lifestyle of residents and how trees would grow in a few years.
Some residents told us they didn't know how their courtyard would look like even after seeing the new design. Now they tell us, they enjoy every season looking at the plants and trees."