Company Profile


Company Profile

Company Name Hasumi Garden Co., Ltd.
Location 〒202-0003
1-30-30 Kitamachi, Nishi Tokyo-shi, Tokyo 202-0003
President Atsushi Hasumi
Phone numbers 0120-994-969(toll-free) 042-448-1873
FAX 042-422-6779
Office Hours 9:00 ~ 18:00
Qualifications Qualified first-class landscape gardening technician,
second-class landscape gardening work operation and management engineer,
and second-class construction managing engineer. Completed the skill training in small construction equipment operations, small-sized mobile crane operations,
operations of vehicles of work at height,
and more.
Member of Recycling-based Society Development Association (NPO-RDA) Member of Japan Horticultural Society

Message from the President

CEO’s message

Hi, I’m Atsushi Hasumi. I’m the president of Hasumi Garden Co., Ltd.
We enter our client’s gardens to work every day.
We think that a garden is a scape of privacy, and, at the same time, a part of the townscape of the city that you live. That is why our motto is to create your garden as beautiful as we can while meeting your requirements and devote ourselves to day-to-day-work.
Thankfully, most people we work with come back to us, and we believe it’s because of our enthusiasm for what we do.
We, Hayami Garden, will made a continuous effort to be your go-to-gardening company, and renovate your garden that is full of abundant greenery you enjoy every day, to the space that is even more relaxing and comfortable for you.

Atsushi Hasumi
President at Hayami Garden Co., Ltd.