Our philosophy

Spring, summer, fall and winter, gardens attract our eyes throughout the year. The view of our garden feels close to us and we hold it dear to our heart. There is no place like a garden that we can cherish; it is precious to us. That is why we love nature, plants and trees, and are grateful for the environment. We will prune your plants and trees with the most excellent care.


Creating a garden

While it is nice to enjoy the garden view, we want your garden to be like an oasis.
Our company motto is “your garden is your second living room.” We construct a garden that is easily maintained and managed. Slowly but surely, we create a magnificent garden just for you.


Our maintenance

We prune your plants and trees to your taste and budget, and we offer a variety of maintenance services. You can see your garden from outside. We see your garden as a part of what makes your city's view beautiful. We take care of your garden with excellence. We are happy to work with any kind of garden using our experiences and knowledge to the full extent.


Short movies

Construction examples

Our works

Here are some examples of constructions that we, Hasumi Garden did. Let us know your requirements, and we will create your garden precisely and carefully.


Our commitment to creating a garden

Do you want to enjoy the view from your living room windows even more? Do you want a welcoming garden that makes you want to come outside? To make your wish come true, we visualize your ideas on CAD. Let’s talk about the design and create your dream garden together.

Areas of Service

Adachi-ku Arakawa-ku Itabashi-ku Edogawa-ku
Ota-ku Katsushika-ku Kita-ku Koto-ku
Akishimia-shi Akiruno-shi Inagi-shi Oume-shi


Consultancy We want to know your requests first.
We will let you know the best timing and methods for your plants and trees.
Work day We will start working around 8:00 am. We will be there driving a small truck so that we can pick up branches and leaves later.
We appreciate if there is a parking space for our vehicle.
Confirmation Let us know if you are happy with the result.
If you come up with additional requests on the workday, tell us before we start working.
In such case, please note that your price may change.
Payment Please make your payment after we complete our work.
Please note that we only accept either bank transfer and cash.